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Emma Magoulias shares her journey from unexpectedly quitting her job to building an influential media brand.

Show Notes:
Why Emma named the magazines with such names? [01:49]
How do Emma describe pro-choice? [02:33]
Emma recalls her memories of leaving her employment. [04:17]
How important is it for Emma to love what she does? [09:06]
Emma shares how she figured out that thing that she loved doing. [10:47]
What role does the community have for Emma’s business? [15:25]
Emma elaborates more on she’d encourage businesses to get involved. [18:10]
They discuss about the tourists visiting Mornington Peninsula and its implication to businesses. [21:54]
Emma talks about her embarrassing experience with a chiropractor. [25:39]
How can an interested individual be part of Emma’s magazine? [27:48]
What’s next for Emma and her businesses? [34:17]
Emma shares about an event she organized for business owners. [35:29]
What is Emma’s take on mindfulness? [37:12]
Having Wifi at home: Is it good or bad? [40:47]

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Episode 12: How to build a successful brand by empowering your community with Emma Magoulias

Narrator: Welcome to the Unfair Advantage Project – unique perspectives, practical insights, and unexpected discoveries directly focused on giving you the unfair advantage. Introducing your hosts Nadia Hughes and Terence Toh.

Terence: Hi! Welcome to the Unfair Advantage Project. I’m Terence Toh. I’m The founder and managing director of StrategiQ Corporation and I’ll be one of your hosts today. And also got Nadia here today.

Nadia: Yes, I’m Nadia Hughes from Smart Business Solutions and I’m excited to be here and talk to Emma.

Terence: Yes. So today, we’ve got Emma Magoulias from Go Healthier Magazine and Go Farmer Magazine. And here to talk a little bit about your history, about what it’s taken to get these magazines going and excited to have you here.

Emma: Awesome. Well thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait to tell you about my journey and how I got here. And hopefully empower someone else to do what they love.

Terence: Yeah, I love it.

Nadia: So, you are in this magazine called Go Farmer.

Emma: Correct.

Nadia: Go Healthier.

Emma: Yeah.

Nadia: So, you’re a go go person?

Emma: Were a go-go girl. That was a thing back in the days.

Nadia: So, why did you come up with these names?

Emma: I don’t know. It was a marketing thing, I think it was. And we wanted to keep it as the brand and then go from there. So, originally it was Go Farmer which is still existing. Information that keeps you going. And that’s the background of who I am and what we do. And it’s educating people. And then obviously off that, we ended up growing into Go Healthier. And who knows what’s next? Go Kids? Go Choice? Go this.

Terence: Well there’s travel in that.

Emma: That’s what i was going with that one.

Terence: Okay. So, how would you describe what you do without, you already used a job title or anything like that, describe to us what you do and how you do it.

Emma: It’s not what I do, it’s who I am which is what created this. So, I am Emma and I am all about pro-choice. I am the kind of person that I want to know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Things, marketing so clever these days that they try to sell you or make you do things without even realizing you’re doing it. And it’s amazing because it works, people do that. And I’m just the kind of person that I want to be empowered. I want to know everything and make a choice. So, it’s not about, it’s pro-choice. I want to know what it is available and why it exists. And that’s who I am. So, I created Go Farmer 10 years ago. So, I’m going to give you a little bit of an inside of who I am and what I do.

Terence: Yeah, absolutely.

Emma: Alright.

Nadia: That’s all it’s about.

Emma: Okay. So, I work in print media for many, many years in the corporate world and it was pretty full on. But what I did there was pretty much sales and advertising and it just, yeah, took a lot out of me. It wasn’t who I was but it was job and it paid the bills and I was good at it. But loving what you do and being good at it is two different things. So, what happened was, yeah, I… Ten years ago I had my children, my first child and yet life was hard. And my priority was being a mother and work was just simply paying the bills. But because I did love what I did, I stopped working full time and continued working part time. I mean sacrificed and put my child in to day care. So, many years ago doing this, yeah, my daughter fell ill and I had to go and attend to her. And I had to tell my boss that I had to leave at that time and that didn’t go down well at all. I’d given really big sales contract at that time and he wasn’t impressed and he said I needed to make up that time.

Nadia: And it was only half an hour used.

Emma: It was half an hour.

Nadia: So, your boss wanted you to make up for half an hour you had to take. But there was a sick leave. I…

Emma: Pretty much. There’s a leave. What do you call it? Whatever.

Nadia: Exactly.

Emma: But at that point in time, I think I was with the company for almost seven eight years at that time. So, we had a good rapport and I didn’t, I thought he was joking but it clearly he wasn’t. When I left, and yes you want the drama. You two looking at me with drama.

Nadia: I do want the entire thing. I Don’t want very abbreviated version of it.

Emma: And I made it nice and pluffy. Fine. Alright. What I did was I put a contract on my boss’s desk because I had a phone call from day care. And I said to my contract here’s a hundred grand – it was a hundred grand title. And I said I’ve got to go my daughter is not well. And he looked at his watch and he said how do you make up that time? And I thought he was joking at that time and I said why? Are you serious? And he goes no, I mean you need to make up this time. I said I’m just giving you a hundred grand contract, you want to make up a half an hour? And he goes yeah. So, tentedeeeen the drama started. I ripped up the contract up, threw it at his face like confetti, it was like sparkles. And I felt liberated. And I said good luck trying to get that contract back, I’m done. I’m a mother and that’s my priority. And I left. And you never looked back after that. It was amazing. It was the best experience I ever did and I was really lucky to have my husband support me. He pretty much took, you know, He said, out of our savings, took 10 grand out and said here Emma I want you to do what you love. And what I always loved, and I always just tell my ex bosses that I want to educate people. And they were like there’s no money in there, it’s advertising. People want to see their names in lights. That’s where the money comes from Emma it’s not about education. How are you going to find a link between money and what you want to do? No. And i was kept being suppressed. And because I would always said to my husband, he was like why don’t you just do you love? Just create something that you want to do. And at that time I had a really great affiliation with government departments. And I said you know what, I want to empower and educate the rural community on what we have available. So, I created Go Farmer – information that keeps you going. So, I am allied with government departments and the community and we educate them on what’s available. So, infrastructures, sustainabilities, grants. There’s so much money at the government that the people did not have, no idea about. So, these are things that Go Farmer has been doing and is educating people. It’s a free magazine it’s circulated Australia-wide. Love it. And it’s kind of writes itself. So, living in the Mornington Peninsula this is where Go Healthier into it. I live on the Mornington Peninsula. Yeah. Kind of like landed on my lap mid last year. Yeah. There was a lot of things that were happening. And I believe in the universe and that things happen for a reason, and there’s signs, and you can either ignore them and open close doors. And I thought that I’m not ignoring this anymore. I have many things that happened to me. The one that really sticks in my mind is friends have bought tickets to Pilates. It was a new shop that had opened. And they said to me yeah, let’s go and do Pilates. And I said what’s Pilates and what is it? And they had no idea. So, they’ve literally gone put their hard-earned money into this, bought it, because it was marketed amazingly. But they had no idea what they were doing, and i was like what? how are you ignoring, what is it good? At the time I had a bad back so is this good for me or is not good for me? And then it just kind of started from there and then yeah it just grew from there. And I was like well we should all know Mornington Peninsula is amazing in health and wellness. We have so much here in relation to health and wellness that we need to now educate people on what it is and why it exists. Is this the Emma show? I think you guys need to talk.

Terence: We’re listening and we’re enjoying listening.

Nadia: It’s very generous of you to donate some time to us. But this story really fascinates me because a lot of moms are there struggling in corporate world. And let’s be fair. They burdon of raising kids is falling on our shoulders. There is no choice who is taking sick leave usually.

Emma: Correct. It’s usually mom has to take. And then they moves on with their career and everything. And as a very big things there is the big discrepancy in income, there is a big… We still have this gender gap between what women can do since they have children and what men are capable of doing. And as an accountant I see it in a balances of their superannuation. Yeah. You can tell any other political agenda but the numbers don’t lie.

Emma: That’s right. And I can see it. Its discrepancy is huge. And it still keeps going. That’s where you’re probably hitting a very very big new for me. So, you went and what the difference between everybody else out there. And in your situation, you had a loving husband who puts his hand in the pocket and gave you 10 grand and tell do what you love. Well, I would do husband because that’s what I would love at this point of time because not every man is capable of it. A lot of man would have panic attack oh my God. Now I’m the sole breadwinner. Shouldn’t she be getting a job or something like that? So, this is how you started Emma and you went and you start… You finally got your passion aligned with your capability. That’s the biggest thing I think what I’ve found so far is you’ve got to love what you do don’t just work because you need the money because everyone does that. And you just get money and you go home. You’ve got to genuinely love what you do. I wake up in the morning and love that I could go to the office and do what I do and I don’t think about it. My day is probably like 15 hour long. I put the kids to bed and I’ll put a stop 4:00 o’çlock, do the kid-mommy run. Stop. Then I’m back on the computer again at about 6:00 o’clock till 10:00 o’clock at night. Do I think about it? No, I don’t. If I was doing that for a boss, probably.

Terence: Would you have some advice for someone else who’s going through something similar? So, maybe, I mean that’s pretty kind of dramatic event in… Tearing up 100K contract, it sounds enjoyable in some ways I guess but…

Emma: It was liberating.

Terence: I mean to me, how do you feel after you did that to begin with?

Emma: First I was nervous. But and I thought oh my God I think I just quit when I did it. And then I felt ease, at ease because my husband was full time working. So, I thought at the end of the day we’ll be fine. He works. My role and my, is my kids. So, I thought there’s women out there that don’t work. That thought was going through my head. So, my money was like an extra thing. It wasn’t a survival kind of thing. So, I was at ease with that so was my husband he was like do you want to stay home and that’s just not me, and I couldn’t have done it. And then he said why don’t you do what you love? Let’s just see where it takes you from. And I was very lucky to have that support. Some people have parents that do that. And my biggest thing is that if you’re going to do it, do it with your heart. Like you’ve got to love what you’re doing and take that leap of faith. Don’t just do it because you think it’s a money venture. Cause I don’t believe that work.

Terence: So how did that work for you? How did you figure out what it was that you loved, what it was that you really wanted to do next?

Emma: Because I always knew that I want to educate and empower people. I love print media. Everyone’s ohhh it’s all digital. No, it’s not. Prints never going to die. Newspapers still print, magazines are still in the shops, news agent still exist. I remember when 2000 hit in the millennium. Oh my God there’s going to be no more print, it’s all online. That never happened. I’m all about it was just who I was. I realized that I love print media and I love working with the community and who were my end user regardless of what I was doing. When working with the businesses. So, it doesn’t matter what platform of a magazine or an article or whatever it was, that was the foundation. But who I was, was educating. I needed to be a win-win situation. And finding now those right people that the business is going. Understanding who I was and what I’m trying to do is where I found my niche. Not everyone understands me or will go no I don’t want to educate people, I want to flag my product. Well that’s not me. Find your niche in educating and I think it’s a win-win situation. And as I said, it’s very unique to find those people but they do exist and they are amazing which means they want to help the community. And as we said, money just flows in from that definitely.

Nadia: And you did say that you have very low tolerance for people who tries to talk about themselves?

Emma: Yeah. No ego.

Nadia: So, when if I were to write for this magazine, what would be your major basically demand?

Emma: So, for you from an accounting point of view. So, if I had approach you and said I want you to be in my magazine, I would ask you to write an article about real things of finances, families are struggling, which means it affects household. It’s heart. So, giving the community a little snippet of how to save for example. What are things that you need to save on and where you cut back? A little snippet which means you care, you’re really interested. And then whoever reads this, this is then a win to you as a business. It would be Ohh my God Nadia really cares about me and she is interested, and that I should be saving money. But I’ve got no idea how to. Ohh there’s an advertisement, I’ll call Nadia she’ll help me.

Nadia: Yes I’m part of the biled connection between the house and your finance because I honestly believe that that is a mechanic some and also the biggest task though there is not the bank account and any physical. So it’s actually a physical also puts your own body and your own mind foom sister Yeah and I think when if I were to advise anybody who’s that and cup business I would just say Make sure your fellow star Serpe isn’t that Dawnstar business if you seek if your mind is not in the wrong place and if your heart is not so basically make sure that you can go a long marathon it is anything you want this matter.

Emma: Yeah, that’s right. And The biggest thing is your mind.

Nadia: Exactly.

Emma: You gotta. And… you know we’re life, it’s real life. So, people… We still need money. We’re still going to get on. There’s a mortgage, kids. You know what I mean? You’ve got to be in that capability to say that if I’m out of the picture, can my husband do this?

Nadia: Yes.

Emma: And then if you get the nod, then run with it. The world’s your oyster and I just believe that the universe will pay you back tenfold.

Terence: Well this is really what we’re talking about is the value first approach, right? It’s go out there, create value first or add value, whatever you call it, and that will, as you say, that will come back to you. And if you put out great information and actually empower people, they’ll appreciate that. And when they’re looking for their product or service that you’re offering this has been giving them the opportunity to say okay well this is who can help me.
There’s a link and there’s nothing that’s like ill advertising stuff, forceful thing, it’s everyone’s got pro-choice. But there’s a link. So, the way we’ve done go healthier is that 99% of the articles are written by the advertiser. So, as an editor I’m correcting and get it too it needs to be. But what happens then is the person reading it goes wow this is aroma therapy for example and now we’re reading about and there’s even like precautions or word of warning. It’s all honesty stuff. It’s not just fluffy and amazing bunnies. And then all reading well I really want to get into this, this is really good for me and it’s all non-toxic. Ohh I’ll ring, I’ll ring this company. Do you get it? That’s where the link is. That if that they want to, they’ve just been empowered. And they know what is available and they can go source their own thing. Yeah, that’s the link between of how it works. So, what has been the most difficult part of getting say Go Healthier magazine up and running?

Emma: The businesses. And the thing that I get all the time is that I’m too good to be true. So, I tell them what we are and what we’re doing and why I’m doing it. And everyone, pretty much all of them, until I sit down with them they meet me and they understand where I’m coming from and my passion and my energy, it’s too good to be true. Who does that? Who wants to educate people? And why are you empowering the community? They don’t understand it. And then when I explained it, they’re like oh my God that is amazing. Let’s do it. So, I would backwards for my business structure is that I got the community too. I produced this with a community in mind. What does the people need on Mornington-Peninsula, what does the tourism need when they come to visit Mornington Peninsula? And that’s where we went, we’ve gone backwards. All of a sudden it’s growing crazily on social media. We’ve got subscriber-base nearly 12,000 people just on the Mornington Peninsula. And it’s crazy. And then now what we’re trying to do as we’re growing, actually the business going. We’ve got the community. Now we need the businesses. We need that you two to talk. So, again too good to be true. What’s in it for you? Are you getting a car? What’s happening? No, I just want you to… You’re the business, they’re the community. They need you. So, then I introduced, a fortnight ago I did a network night where I said to businesses come and meet and greet each other. I want you guys to start referring clients to each other and why did that was? I had gone to a dentist and I had hurt my back and I said to the dentist I can’t sit here for 40 minutes because I’ve done my back. Ohh that’s alright we’ll adjust the chair, we’ll put a pillow in blah blah. Amazing. I finished my tea. And then as I was sitting there because I know more quite well I knew next door was my therapist. And I’m thinking why is he not telling me to go next door? So, as he finished doing what he does to me, so, do you know, I sort bluntly ask him, is there somewhere I can go that you can recommend to get my back fixed? And she said no. What? What do you mean no? Because I can’t recommend. How do I know who’s good and who’s good for you. I can’t do that Emma. That’s… Did you know next door’s my therapist? Have you not met your neighbor because no I haven’t. Well that’s really bad. I said imagine someone went to my therapist with a really bad headache, decay in the tooth which has given them headaches. What do you want them to go go next door to check out because I can’t feel any tension. It must be something in your mouth. Or you got funky breath, your tooths off flight. You know what I mean? And have that referral happening, but none of that was happening. So, I launched this network night like a fortnight ago. Same thing was happening. People didn’t understand it. So, what are you selling? Not selling anything. Oh, what do you expect to get out of the night? Business cuts, meet and greet other businesses. You don’t know what door and what opportunities are going to open and that was hard because people didn’t understand why I was doing it. And then come the night it wasn’t one of those networking nights where I said hi, thank you all for coming in. I’m amazing. No, it wasn’t any of that. I didn’t even talk. We had an amazing spread. People came in and we are practitioners giving away services so that people could, other owners could try it. You can’t refer without trying it. It doesn’t matter if you sound amazing when we talk. Try the service.

Nadia: So, did you dental chairs there and people drilling?

Emma: No. We just had a meet and greet, it’s very informal. It was business owners meeting each other because you don’t know who you meet and what they do.

Nadia: You do know why I have to take it…

Emma: I know i love it, just had to shut you down anyway.

Nadia: It’s alright…

Terence: So, I mean, well now’s a good time to speak to those business owners right?

Emma: That’s right.

Terence: What would you like to say to those business owners who don’t currently get it? To encourage them to get involved. What I would definitely say to them is it’s true. Go Healthier is here to stay. We are all about empowering the community. We are fortunate enough in such a short period time to have the community behind us and embrace who we are and what we’re about. I know that these businesses on the Peninsula that probably been here for 10-15 years and have a database of like 400 people. We don’t, we have 12,000 and it’s growing daily. So, we’re all about educating and powering. I want these businesses to know that we’re here to stay, we are true and it is good and get on board. Our biggest thing at the moment that we’re launching is a directory. So, not all businesses can go in my magazine because I’m all about empowering and educating. And there’s a lot of people don’t get that, they just want to do an advertisement which is fine. But that’s the scope of my magazine. So, what we’re doing is we’re launching a directory which comes out this summer and we’re hitting all the businesses on the Mornington Peninsula to be a part of it so that Go Healthier can become, well is becoming the wellness umbrella of Mornington Peninsula. So, no matter what they’re looking for for health or wellness, they’ll find it through Go Healthier. It’s pro-choice. It’s not because you advertise with us or anything like that. It’s fall under an umbrella and it’s a safe haven. So, with this directory ultimately become an app. So, then people it when tourism comes down here in summer statistics for you. We have 150,000 locals that live on the Mornington Peninsula. Come summer last year ABS statistic source that we had 650,000 people here who stayed an average of four weeks. So, these people are here to spend money and do health and wellbeing things that’s why they come here. So, the mama I’ve had enough of the beach I’m going to go to do a spa. The dad who it is back playing golf on holidays, needed to go see a Chiro. These Are things that we have here but who are they going to? They don’t know. They’re only here as a tourism. So, with Go Healthier’s directory launching and everyone goes well I feel safe enough to go. These are businesses who genuinely care about health and well-being. That’s why they’re part of it. So, I say come onboard. Your phones will be ringing businesses so pick it up.

Nadia:So, what you’re saying is probably 700k of people will be coming next because it’s always exponentially grow. Someone gave birth, someone fell pregnant again

Emma: That’s right.

Nadia: And you are telling them that let’s get together and let’s create a very comprehensive guide how to find you and let’s educate those people why they should be coming to you. Not just having a blank chiropractor or dentist. It’s just about how they can help you. Correct. As a business, open your doors to everyone and be willing to help people. That’s what we’re creating. It’s not I can’t help them. What am I supposed to do with this database? Nothing. Show them my Go Healthier logo like there’s nothing I can give. All I can do is bring the community together which I’ve done. I love what we stand for what we’re about. And now I’m trying to get these businesses to open their doors. Look forward. They just don’t look at the bigger picture is that we’re all evolving and things are changing and businesses aren’t saying that they just say No, I just work on referral. But if you don’t know what, that I referred you to go to a chiropractor in Mainstreet I know what his name is is somewhere Mainstreet did you know that what got about seven chiropractors how are you meant to go. But i referred you. No I didn’t, i didn’t even tell you where to go. So, it’s about creating that direct link of if you’re here to be in business and help people, well you’ve got to fall under the whole wellness umbrella and assures the community that you’re not ego-driven, and you want to help, and you are about educating inspiring people. And that’s what we’re doing. And then at the end it eliminates a lot of those questions. So, if someone hurt their back and read that, what an Osteo does and what a Chiro does they’re going to make the right question. So, all of a sudden what does that become from a business perspective? It’s a qualified lead. They’re not ringing up going I don’t know if I need a rub what I’ve done but this is what I’ve done. I definitely have pulled my disk I need a chiro to put me back in alignment because they’ve been educated so that’s that whole League it’s the bigger picture of what we’re doing.

Nadia: And Emma, you just mentioned that we have an influx of tourists. What usually time of the year they usually come?
Emma: Yeah. So, They start flighting in around about November. So, late October early November they start flighting in. And they’re here till around about early February which is amazing. And we all know up here, oh my god being locals you can’t find parking. It’s gone. But forget it I ventured past Mornington when it comes to summer because it’s back to back with here with tourisms. And how our businesses during this peak season? Are they open? Are they expecting this influx or they also go on holidays.

Emma: No, so our local business thrives on that. Come summer this is how they make their money. This is what they need so now is their winter pure…

Nadia: I know what retail does but what I don’t know about how health practitioners act.

Emma: Same.

Nadia: Really? Yeah because of that reason that I said. So, we have so many people come here, staying an average of four weeks that things go wrong. You know women want to go and get facials done. Daughter broke her arm, had to go to hospital and get plaster. Within two weeks they’re still here. Get it cut off. You have to do physiotherapy. Where do you find it here? There’s no reason going back all the way to the other side of Melbourne, it’s all here. So, everyone in health and wellness it astounds me how many businesses we have on Mornington Peninsula. I think put me on it but it was about 6,000 businesses health and wellness related on the Mornington Peninsula. That’s nuts and they’re all making money. So, what I’m trying to do is alleviate the businesses that come in and fly by to tapping on this opportunity of what we have here. So, as you see a lot of pop-up shops open. And I saw that last summer. A lot of pop-up shops trying to tap into the market that we’ve got and the money. And we’re trying in the health and wellness industry is to alleviate that. We want it to be a safe haven. So then whoever wants to come in and create a laser service for women, you know what, do your homework. Are you good at what you do? Because you’re not going to get business because all of a sudden where our businesses and our community we’re so networked and referral-based that it’s going to be hard for someone who isn’t genuinely here to live and make a life of it. If they’re just here to capitalize on the money, so yeah.

Terence: So, this is really a community that’s empowered to make better decisions for their own well-being.

Emma: Bingo.

Terence: As simple as that.

Emma: Feel like it kind of ring a bell.

Terence: We’ve got it. So, we pretty much put it on one sentence.

Emma: That’s what it is. Yeah. And as I said, we talked to so many businesses all the time they don’t get it. They just think it’s what? Who does that? I do that. This is what we’re about.

Terence: Where did the concept come from? So it was similar to Go Farmer. I pretty much, it was educating and empowering people on side of it with government departments. But it’s the same concept. So from a business perspective, I bought one magazine to the other and it was about because I had all these things happening on the peninsula and people don’t know why they exist. We’ve gotten nearly 30 businesses in beauty on mainstream Mornington. They’re all making money. What’s happening? Do people know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it and why they need to do it? That’s where my aspect was. Great! You’re all here doing your service and you’re all making money but do people know what they’re doing, what they need? And that’s where I stood. Like what are all the new things happening? What’s LED light therapy? What is hairless laser therapy? What is oncology massage? Did you even know that existed?

Nadia: Yes I do. Okay. You Read my first issue then. There is all these things and that’s where I stood from the background going all this information is here, but no one has it. So, I’ll give you a little story. Say nearly five years ago, so obviously before I’d done this, my son had hurt his back and I had to take him to a chiropractor. And I walked into the chiropractor as anyone would and I said Hi my son hurts his back. I think he needs manipulation or can you try and I just feel like he’s always whinging like sore back? The chiro never explained anything to me. So, she had assumed that I knew why I was here and what I was going to get. She laid my son on a table and in front of my eyes she cracked my four year old’s neck in front of me which is what they do. But I didn’t know that. You went to school and learn that. Did you explain that to me? Did you tell me what you’re about to do? And as a mother, my instant… you’re ready for this? You’ll love it. My instant reaction was as she had her hands on his neck and I heard the crack, I full force slapped her on her back. She looked at me and she went oh my God you hit me. You cracked his neck. And she’s like but that’s what we do. Well, no. So, then instead of me being angry with her I was angry with ourself. How did I not do the research and knowing what was going to happen? I was putting my child’s life in her hands. That was my fault. I was angry at myself. So, this is way before I even started Go Healthier and I was like I do at that point I was doing go family I’m like I’m all about knowing what I’m doing. What an idiot? It’s not her fault and I was so angry and I’ve physically hurt her. But I was like oh I’m so sorry i had to walk out going that is really bad. And that’s what I’m all about is knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. These practitioners have gone to school and educate themselves and are good at what they do. But sometimes there’s that level of we don’t get that filtered through to us. We just assume you need to help me thanks.

Nadia: When are you getting good record. Are you throwing things into people’s faces staring back on track and then hitting them on the bus. If this sounds if you’re in some fashion. So it’s all good. So good stone for us. Anyway what I want to ask you is when you’re approaching who’s approaching whom in goal health care I see is a magazine. It’s nice to hold it. I’m not promoting that or anything it just my honest opinion. It’s beautiful. It’s expensive looking magazine you can put it anywhere. How do I get into this magazine because suddenly or here I am sitting. Imagine I’m health practitioner I am in financial health practitioner and I decided well that’s not the best idea considering that that is a cism coming I want to get CS on the road. I want to have all this live Hueter will be immune from Peninsula. What do I do?

Emma: You get in touch with us. As long as you’ve read my magazine and understand where we’re coming from, you get in touch with us or you ring us at the office and say hi, I want to be in your next magazine. And then you’ll be thoroughly interviewed by me. Are you good for my magazine? I mean 99% of the time they are
Nadia: Not everybody will be interesting and engaging, able to write an article. They’re just good at what they do. Let’s say you’re a chiro, which you nearly killed, she is not a journalist.

Emma: Who she was on Bayswater with an airplane. She is a journalist, she doesn’t know how to write and then… So that’s where… So good example. So, for example our chiropractor on in Mornington isn’t a writer. And Chiropractic is governed by a lot of rules and regulations by the association. So, Emma will go, because I deal with government department that’s what I do and have done for many many years, I’ll go and approach the association. Say in our latest issue, it’s done by the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia. And so, I’m after educational informative magazine. And I’m after some information on what is final health and why is it important. So, I’ll get that information from them but it’s supported by local business. So, not everyone has to write an article because its sourced. The information’s there. There is an abundance of information and yet legal avenues of where you can get this information from. And which I can create it to be awesome in my magazine. As long as you as a business have a practice or a service that we can talk about and educate people that don’t know they’re existing. One thing that we’re going to start really getting to now is Bohlen therapy. Its existing out there. It happens everywhere. But not all knows what it is and why it exists. And so these different things like reflexology, and kinesiology, and they’re everywhere. So, we just want to educate people on what it is and we can find that information. So, to answer your question no they don’t need to write it. I’m an editor, I can source that information but edit it to obviously what my readers want to see.

Nadia: Okay. That’s a load off of their shoulders. What if I want to come up with the original content. I don’t want this information Bissau some way because it is a danger that will be in some other magazines as well.

Emma: Well there’s all copyrights so no one can steal it once it’s in my magazine. And then as long as the main thing is that your article needs to be educational, informative, empowering. It cannot reflect nor say your business name in the article. So, you have to come up with an idea of in finance which mine will be the stress, that’s the biggest thing and how it relates and affects your wellbeing. So, if your stressed how are you supposed to go to work? How are you supposed to make money? You can’t. It’s like a catch 22. So, that’s the main thing is educating, empowering, informative and don’t mention your name. And if you tickle those boxes, come on board. That’s what we’re about.

Terence: Yeah, that’s cool. And it kind of goes back to… I was in San Diego earlier this year at a marketing conference and they spoke about the merging of marketing and content. Because the two have always, and I think you touched on this earlier, the two have always been separate. You’re either marketing or you’re providing useful, valuable content.

Emma: Yeah. And now there’s this merging and people who get it are happy about to kind of merging because it’s like okay well yes, we can provide real value over here in our content and we don’t just have to be putting trying to put this marketing message out constantly. We can kind of merge the two together. And from that will attract clients. The other thing that you’ve done is you’ve then merged the community aspect into it which I think is fantastic.

Emma: Thank you. Everyone that meets me I’m so passionate, my energy is amazing. And because I believe in what we’re doing and I just want to empower people in pro-choice. It’s happened to us. Everyone does things without knowing. But you know what, know what you’re doing. And if it didn’t work for you, you had the choice. You were empowered enough to know what was available and you did it. And that’s where I’m standing from. And it’s a win-win situation. As I said, I’ve been in print media for many many years. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion it’s not what anything else. I don’t believe advertorial works when you talk about it yourself. I just think people see it, flick it, bin it. Unless you want your name in light it’s a consistent thing, then it’s going to work for you. Whereas I believe that the ego which is how i ended up falling into what I did is really bad. People do not resonate with it, they just don’t want it. They don’t, do not want to be a part of that. They say and they put a wall up. They’re not interested. You might be having the most amazing thing for them, but the minute you start I do this and I can give you that, people block you. We’re not going to win from it.

Nadia: Because that’s irritating. I can’t stand it. I can’t… As a consumer, it just straight away shameless pushing and I don’t like pushing.

Emma: No. As I said, it might be an amazing product that you needed and it’s so good for you. But the minute that became in front of you, what do you do? Yeah no thanks, see ya. It’s Like when you’re walking in a shopping center they flood you with all is try my product, try my product but that’s just, they’re pushing, What do you say? No, thanks. And you keep walking.

Terence: So, you’re removing the ego from it?

Emma: That’s right. No ego, just honest, truth pro-choice. Know what’s out there. We’re not ignoring anything. In my latest issue I’m talking about fake eyelashes. It is massive on the Mornington Peninsula. People are doing it left, right and centre. There’s A lot of backyards that are doing it. But you know what? Know what you’re getting and why you’re getting it. Do you know what I mean? Like people are using the wrong glue, they’re losing eyelashes. Like little things like this that I want to empower people. Does it mean that you’re spending 40 dollars versus 80 dollars. Sometimes it’s not even the money component. Ask what glue do they use. So, if I can educate just one person even if I don’t use it, and you can then go and tell someone else you got fake eyelashes. You ask them what glue do they use. What’s the theory behind it and how are you getting it? That’s a win to me. So, it’s everything and anything and I can’t ignore what is happening on the peninsula so, I’m going to talk about it. So, your fake eyelashes is on me.

Nadia: Well i like to bat the eyelids, that’s what they call it, and in fly season its important to that implies ism that’s important to.

Terence: Surely you can get one of those hats with the

Emma: Did you say fly season?

Terence: So, we’ve had some conversations they were about your business and the way it looks and how much you do. Right?

Emma: Yeah.

Terence: And you do a lot.

Emma: Oh no, he’s going to yell at me now.

Terence: No, I’m going to yell at you. This is not the business coach coming out…

Emma: Ohh it’s a little bit I could feel.

Terence: It could be, but… So, you do a lot. But what I’m interested in is what’s next. What do you see coming as the next step?

Emma: Well my focus at the moment is the directory. I want Go Healthier one that comes first to be the health and wellness umbrella of the Mornington Peninsula. The one stop shop for anything that people looking for help for well-being. To find it and no I’ve got healthier. That’s where they’re going to find it and why? Because it’s all pro-choice, it’s education, informative. And it’s all under the one umbrella. Otherwise people don’t know. They’ll come here or live here and have no idea. If you follow social media, people are constantly looking for referrals. And who is that person that you just got a referral from? Where was that safe haven? That’s why I’m… Go Healthier. My biggest thing now is that I want to focus on the directory. I’ve got the community who supports us and is behind us Now need to bring the businesses in and create that safe haven of connection. So, this is where I’m going with it and it’s going to become, and it is becoming the wellness umbrella of the Mornington Peninsula. So when people think of it, I’ll find it.

Nadia: Are you going to educate them how to network? Because frankly a lot of people they’re good at what they do but they are hopeless in connecting. And having a platform is great. That’s what you created platform. But also knowing how to use this platform is probably something. And you’re building community, that’s what you said. In this networking event you have held, how did that go?

Emma: Amazing. So, I was like the little girl that had a birthday party and sent out invitations and was ready to cry thinking no one was going to come. I was like oh my God. I literally put everything on the line oh my God. I’m like that little girl holding the balloons please come. But no, it was amazing I had just over 50 people came and it was awesome. They understood what I wanted to do. And there was probably, I’ve got 30 people who were hanging. They couldn’t come to my first one but they want to come to the next one.

Nadia: So when is the next one?

Emma: Well hopefully with, the, yeah see again. Emma does everything. I’m aiming for October but I just need to get a few things and then I’ll launch in October. It was amazing. Businesses who connected were like oh my God. I saw a guy who works on mental health connect with a dog naturopath thing.

Nadia: So, what’s the connection there?

Emma: Well she connected as in went oh my God I’ve got a dog who has been ill for so long and is on this medication. He’s not getting better. And the dog naturopath was like what? You need to come and see me because I’ve had success with my herbs and whatever it was. And they connected., And I saw it on Instagram the other day where they were doing, she was doing the dog mess. I went Oh my God they were my network together. Amazing. So…

Nadia: You saved the dog.

Emma: I did. Go me and, Let’s not go with the doctor. I was going to go there. So definitely, it was really good. The networking out was amazing that people could connect and try to the services. That’s what it’s all about. Why only refer community when businesses should be referring? That’s your biggest platform.

Nadia: You know what’s amazing think it’s gives you opportunity to try all these services have you tried every single one of them or not?

Emma: I know I’m nearly there. Yeah.
Nadia: Really? Yeah. At the moment I’m doing a lot of mindfulness and that’s more from a spiritual side of things of trying to… Like I didn’t realize when you’re go go go that I don’t actually turn my brain off. So if someone said did you have a good night sleep, and that’s my journey at the moment which I’m trying. And I’m educating people on is mindfulness. So yoga, breathing. All these things exist for a reason and it helps people. So, I’m actually on that journey and I’m happy to say it has enlightened me. I have gone to places where I didn’t think about where in my life. You would have seen me on social media. I went to a mindfulness last week. And I was like I had no idea one thing what I’m going to get out of it but good luck to me. But I’m open to it and that’s what I’m all about. So, I try to walk the walk and talk the talk if that makes sense. And yeah i’m trying it. So my biggest thing at the moment is my mindfulness. I do need to turn off and without your mind you said originally you got nothing, so you need to regroup and we’re really lucky. I can’t stress that enough on the Mornington Peninsula. I’ve travelled Australia and we don’t have what we have here. We are so unique in health and wellness. Massive in everything. Everyone wants to help everybody. Lets just create that safe haven. I think that’s what we’re doing with Go Healthier.

Terence: Alright. Well, how can our listener connect more with you?

Emma: So follow us on social media. Facebook would be Go Healthier Magazine. And Instagram would be Go Healthier Magazine as well. And you can follow us. Pick up your local magazine everywhere. So, cafes, doctors you see everywhere. If you can drop us an email at Or give us a call at the office. And yeah.

Terence: You’ve got a great Instagram account I think.

Emma: I do.

Terence: Quite a few followers.

Emma: Yeah, I do. But again my biggest thing is social media is everyone and anyone. It’s probably worldwide who knows. It’s not a real scope of who we are. Hence the reason why when I watch this magazine and why I’m telling anyone to subscribe is because we showcase what we have on the Mornington Peninsula. We give away amazing prizes. So, in our latest issue we have a double page spread that we’re giving away of awesome prizes. So, every month we give away things. I’m just trying to find. So at the end of July. So now we’re giving away a holistic counseling and hypnotic session valued at 150 dollars. So, if you subscribe during the winning to get that. So, every month the prizes get better and better. And yeah, subscribe to be part of it and ultimately what will happen is we’ll end up doing a blog and there’ll be a connection with that community. So, ignoring what social media figures are. I don’t care if I had 100 people or if I had 18,000 people. My connection is the community. And so for my subscribers, I’ve got 12,000 people who have subscribed to the magazine who want to know about Go Healthier and what it is and what it’s about. And that’s why I stay connected and you’ll be empowered in what we have available and be pro-choice of what you’re doing.

Nadia: That’s great. I love the passion and I do want to read your magazine. I just picked up a few articles I would like to know. One of them for example is radiation exposure in your home. I know when I have said that I think should I really read it, it’s dangerous. I might not be able to walk in the house, in the, at home. This is where I used to.

Terence: May never feel safe again.

Nadia: Exactly.

Emma: You do. Well, we’re all about health and well-being. So your mind, your body, your… what we put what we put out, the movement. But you know what? It’s healthy living. So, we’ve touched on it in our latest issue and I can advise that we are going deeper because it’s a huge thing. So the article though put on our latest issue is on radiation which is WiFi. The biggest thing is that we’ve all got these…

Nadia: I have my WiFi when i go to sleep, im sleeping with my phone.

Emma: No, very bad. So, WiFi in the home is so bad. What does radiation do? It causes cancers. It causes illnesses, it causes depression. There’s so many things that’s connected to it. And we’re fortunate enough to have this amazing article which you should all read and then be empowered that we are lucky that we’ve got a local company on the Mornington Peninsula that teaches us the healthy living and where we should be placing things. So, we’re not saying don’t have it, it’s the way of life. But we’re saying what is available and where things be placed finish replaced and as little thing. Can I plug some it’s like…

Terence: Yeah, go for go for it.

Emma: So all gone effects has a thing that you plug that thing that you plug into your power like your, oh my god i can’t speak
Power point
That thing.

Terence: That one of those? You plug it in and that counteracts your radiation. So that… So wherever you’ve got it, it will counteract it. Your phone, there is a disk that they’ve got to put in the back of it and it counteracts radiation. Our kids’ iPads same thing. There’s a little disk that you put in the back of it, like tiny you won’t know it was there. But it gives you that peace of mind that is actually counteracting radiation. The other thing that they taught me was that salt lamps. I thought it was just go buy from a hippie shop because they look amazing. But no there’s actually a salt element to it that it counteracts the radiation. Like I’ve got in my office which I spent a good 10 11 hours a day. I got a huge salt lamp that tries to counteract that radiation.

Nadia: My salt lamp tends to cry when its change of temperature. And it’s just uses less water. I don’t know why?

Emma: Underneath? Yeah. There’s a theory behind that, I’m not an expert. Next question.

Nadia: Well maybe we can write.

Emma: Do you reckon right you got it right at the top. That’s right.

Terence: Look I think we’ve covered some pretty cool stuff actually and thanks for kind of coming in because we met at a networking event…

Emma: We did.

Terence: t’s funny enough. But as we’re coming in and I love the story behind what you’ve done. And a lot of the motivation of actually getting out there and empowering people. So, that’s why I thought it’d be a really great story to kind of share with other people.

Emma: Thank you for having me. Yeah. I do love what I do so thanks.

Terence: Yeah. Thanks a lot for coming in.

Emma: Thank you.

Nadia: Thank you.

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