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The no-brainer marketing strategy that often gets overlooked… and why it’s so important.


Episode 23: Are you overlooking this crucial marketing strategy? with Terence Toh

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Welcome to the Unfair Advantage Project. Unique perspectives, practical insights and unexpected discoveries directly focused on giving you the unfair advantage. Introducing your hosts, Nadia Hughes and Terence Toh.

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Hey guys Terence here. I’ve actually, excuse the hat just been out for a quick surf, just want to talk a little bit quickly about marketing. I love marketing, I’ve been really been focusing on the marketing side of my business and lots of other businesses a lot recently. And there’s lots of different marketing tactics out there that you can use. And there’s one in particular, that I really love and I think it’s really underutilized and it’s so obvious, but so underutilized, it’s not funny. So give you a bit of an example, on just last weekend gone, my wife and I booked some accommodation to go away for our excuse the wind, by the way, it’s probably a little bit noisy, we booked some accommodation to go away for our wedding anniversary and this accommodation looked fantastic. You know, we looked at the photos, and it looks great, and you know, spa bath, and the photos and what type of stuff we’ve got there, none of that stuff was there. It’s a tiny little place, none of the photos look like that has been taken of that particular apartment, they were obviously taking a similar apartment. And we got there. And it just kind of didn’t meet expectations. And it didn’t deliver on the promise that they actually put forward in their photos. So we called them up and said, Hey, what’s going on here? And they said, Well, sorry, there’s nothing we can do. We can’t move you to any other accommodation. So we have nothing that we can do for you and so we left. And we said, well, this didn’t manage pretentious. And even more than that. Soon, as I said, Well, you know, we can’t do anything for you. We had a look around and the more we looked, the harder we looked, the more we could see, that was actually wrong. Right. So the more things we found wrong, so the longer we stayed there, the the worse that looked just because it didn’t meet expectations to begin with, just because it didn’t deliver on that promise. So we can market as much as we like to spend thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, in fact, on all sorts of different marketing tactics. At the end of the day, if you can’t deliver on a promise, if you can’t make the expectations, if you can’t exceed the expectations of your clients of your customers, all that marketing, you’re wasting a hell of a lot of money. So the best marketing tactic to begin with, is to meet and exceed the expectations, the promise that you set the promise that you give to your clients initially meet that exceed it, they’ll keep coming back, they’ll refer lots of more people to you. And you won’t have to spend that much more money on getting more leads consistently. And that way, every time you do spend money on getting a new lead, you get a much greater lifetime. You know, you’ve got a customer for life, basically. So I hope that’s helpful. We really interested to hear about your experiences with this stuff. So love you to leave a comment below and give me an idea of an experience that you’ve had where someone’s either really exceeded your expectations or hasn’t met your expectations and what that’s meant to you so Terence out. Thanks for watching.

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